It doesnít matter how cool, creative, innovative or engaging your content is if no one can find it.

Google has ruled the Web since 1999. In the past decade, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has seen enormous growth and search trends continue to change.

In the todayís age of iPhones, Smartphones and PDAs, the mobile web is at the same stage in its evolution where the Internet was in 1999. Nobody is too sure about the how mobile web will influence the way people search information. However, based on lessons weíve learned in the last decade, we can be sure mobile search and search engine optimization is going to have lasting effect on mobile web.

Mobile SEO has come into existence with the emergence of Mobile Web. This new set of techniques will help business in reaching the potential audiences searching from mobile applications. Mobile SEO will be approached differently than traditional SEO.

One thing every website owner must realize is that Phones are not built like PCs. To attract a mobile audience it is important to build a site for phones not just for PCs. The content presentation method of desktop web will not apply to the mobile domains. It is also crucial to recognize that your job is to attract mobile users, not desk users.

Keywords will still be critical Ė search engines will always rely on the stuff thatís fed into them. Mobile SEO will have to consider some new dimensions of Mobile Web such as location, device types and different content formats. Something noticeably missing from that list? Links. This is because statistics show people browsing on their mobiles are less likely to follow web links.

Because of itís very nature, Mobile SEO is supposed to be most effective for local business owners targeting limited geographical area. We have researched and understood the Mobile Search Engines, and their technology to build and optimize mobile sites that can appear in top mobile searches for our clients. We offer Mobile SEO services to local companies in Austin, Chicago and as well as other US cities with our traditional search engine optimization services to help them tap the emerging market of Mobile users.